About Explore Andrews

Here at Andrews University we recognize that higher education provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to find both personal and career focus through a wide range of academic and personal experiences. While many of our students may start university with a specific major or determined plan, others may need a structured and guided way to clarify their future amidst the many options that Andrews University offers them.

The Andrews University Academic Exploration Program, also known as Explore Andrews, is designed to help students find a desired academic plan, career and life goals through intentional support and personal advising.

In the program, each student is assigned an Explore Andrews academic advisor who helps guide the student through the first year of study. During that year, an Explore student may choose an academic major at any time, but he or she will continue to be advised by an Explore academic advisor until the end of that first freshman year. 

The Explore Andrews Program works closely with each of its students to better understand their abilities, talents and goals to help each student find their place in the world. To help students reach that goal, the Explore academic advisor will review and rely on high school curriculum and transcripts, standardized test scores and institutional testing to help the student successfully explore academic program and career options for that student’s future.