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Welcome, Parents & Supporters! 

Here at Andrews University we believe that parents, family members and loved ones are our strongest allies to support the success of our students. For the past roughly 18 years, you have shared your values with them. As administrators, faculty and staff, we will embrace these “critical years” as a sacred opportunity to continue to prepare your student to “Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith and Change the World.”

On this page, you will find programs and resources related to academics, campus life, faith development, finances and more. Please also visit the “World Changers for a changing world” website, which is updated regularly with significant details about our in-person operations. 

If you have questions related to your student’s time at Andrews University, please do not hesitate to email me at Thank you for being part of the Andrews family.

Alyssa F. Palmer, JD
Dean for Student Life/Parent & Supporter Liaison

Office: 269-471-6684




World Changers Made Here.

STEM Programs

Exceptional and active degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Is your student unsure about what major to choose?

Explore Andrews is a program designed to help students find a desired academic plan, career and life goals through intentional support and personal advising. In the program, each student is assigned an academic advisor who helps guide the student through the first year of study. 

Program benefits:

  • Offers University-wide academic advising.
  • Connects values, goals and expectations to a career and major.
  • Helps to clarify your life calling.

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Spend Your Summer with Andrews

Explore all of the summer courses (remote, online, and on-campus) and programs offered to undergrads and new high school graduates. Make this summer your best one yet!

Study Abroad

Andrews provides opportunities for students to advance their knowledge in foreign languages and experience other cultures.


Our undergraduate students never pay full price.

Let's talk about tuition and scholarships. Everyone admitted receives scholarships at Andrews, including new scholarships starting fall 2023.

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A Faith-Based Institution

As a Seventh-day Adventist institution, Andrews integrates faith, learning and living in and out of the classroom. 

A Wholesome Lifestyle

Andrews students are encouraged to strive for overall healthy living and to balance academic rigor with social events and exercise. 

A Residential Campus

Residential living is part of Andrews University’s philosophy of community-based learning and development. 

Andrews University Admissions


The decision to attend college may be one of the most important ones your student can ever make. We're here to answer questions and guide everyone through the admission process.

ESL Students

Students learning English as a Second Language (ESL).

Life in Michiana

Get to know our beautiful area and fall in love with Michigan and Indiana.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Let's talk! Give me a call or send an email!

Alyssa F. Palmer, JD
Associate Dean for Campus & Student Life/ Parent & Supporter Liaison

Office: 269-471-6684