Lobby Hours*


Monday - Thursday

  • Front Desk>9:00-12:00 & 1:00-5:00
  • Cashier window>1:00-5:00


  • Staff working remotely. In-person appointments available upon request.

*Lobby hours will be extended during high volume times such as graduation & registration.


Advisees Name Email Telephone Appointment
Last Name A-B Igdaly Patel sfadvisor5@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-6271 Schedule an appointment
Last Name C-D Juan Alvarez sfadvisor1@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-3365 Schedule an appointment
Last Name E-L Luz Otero sfadvisor2@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-6597 Schedule an appointment
Last Name M-R Shelley Bolin sfadvisor3@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-6385 Schedule an appointment
Last Name S-Z Qaisar Ayaz sfadvisor4@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-6387 Schedule an appointment


Title Name Email Telephone
Assistant Vice President Elynda Bedney bedney@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-6040
Associate Director-Financial Aid Cynthia Gammon schulz@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-3221
Associate Director-Compliance Viviana Insunza insunza@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-2425
Associate Director-Accounts Fares Magesa magesaf@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-3428

Support Staff

Position Name Email Telephone
Communications Manager & Banking Operations Supervisor Kathleen Allen kathy@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-6585
Information Desk Karen Alford-Peay sfs@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-3194
Cashier Mark Jackson sfs@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-3326
Productions & Tracking Tiffany Bates sfstracking@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-3849
Production/Tracking Operations Associate Marlene Rothermel sfstracking@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-3849
Financial Aid Analyst Sandra Munoz munozs@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-2410
Direct Loans Processor & Tech Support John Beal beal@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-6384
Collections (Non-current accounts) Rhonda Peak collections@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-3593
Perkins Loans Collections (remote office) Igdaly Patel perkinsloan@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-6271
Griggs International Academy Student Account Manager  Juan Alvarez alvarezj@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-3754
Andrews Academy Accounts Manager Gracie Gaytan gaytan@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-6139
Veterans Certifying Official Fares Magesa veterans@briarpaperpro.net 269-471-3286

Title IV School Code:  002238                                                                                    

Code of Conduct                                                             



Student Financial Services
Phone: (269) 471-3334
Fax: (269) 471-3228
E-mail: sfs@briarpaperpro.net

Mailing Address
Student Financial Services
Administration Bldg, 1st Floor
4150 Administration Drive
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0750